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Cigars In Miami Miami is known as the center of tourism in the State of Florida. At the same time the city is known for something else that also attracts plenty of people. That is its top quality cigars. Because of that many people come to buy cigars in Miami. Cigars in Miami are slowly but surely gaining a reputation which is close to the ones sold in Havana. Many cigar lovers not only from the United States, but from all over the world either visit or order Miami cigars. There are several reasons that can be identified as key behind this trend. Here are the most important ones:
-          Cigar Prices in Miamiare much lower than the ones coming from Cuba while the quality is not in question.
-          Cigar Bundles in Miamidon’t come in fancy boxes or some exclusive packages. That way their cost remains affordable. 
-          Most Miami Cigar Bundles are made with the help of Cubans who have worked in cigar factories in Cuba. They are one of the key reasons why Cigars in Miami come with such quality.
-          Most manufacturers use only top quality tobacco. The best of them don’t accept any compromise when it comes to tobacco quality.
Another major reason why the popularity of the cigars in Miami why now has reached its peak is because the manufacturers needed some time to perfect the craftsmanship in making top quality cigars. They might needed decades to come near the quality that come from Cuba but they did it, they managed to produce quality which can be matched the one coming from Cuba.
Even though that there are plenty of online stores that sell Cigar Bundles in Miami one cigar store stands out from the crowd. Cabrera Cigars is one of the most renowned sellers and manufacturers in the Miami region.  Not only that they sell large assortment of cigars but they sell their own brand of cigars. Their cigars are divided into several categories:
-          Churchill
-          Grande
-          Lancero
-          Magnum
-          Robusto
-          Tor
-          Torpedo
As far as the brands goes they offer Sublimes Cigars, Gurkha Cigars, Belmore and their own Cabrera Cigars. Each brand brings something different, something specific that makes it unique. The easiest way to learn more about their offer is by visiting their web site The next best thing is calling them on their phone 1-855-977-6653 and talking to some of the sales people. However, most of the cigars lovers that visit Miami option to visit their store and see themselves their offer and the quality of their cigars. Their address is Cabrera Cigars, PO BOX 941131 Miami, FL 33194.
As a result of their quality cigars, Cabrera Cigars, have received plenty of awards and have received numerous positive reviews. Many of those reviews are posted online by real users that have and are continuously buying their products. What’s even more interesting is that their own brand of cigars is the most popular ones and is considered as one of the best in the Miami area.    Cigars In Miami
Cabrera Cigars
PO BOX 941131 ,Miami, FL 33194

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